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         2020 WINNERS

(formerly Cannes International Independent Film Festival-CIIFF)

Best Director Short Film: Sirad Balducci / "Generation Lockdown" / USA 

Best Cinematography: "Saving Jaws" / director of photography  Keoni Tetawa Bowthorpe / USA  

Best Composer: George Strezov/​"Shibil"/ Bulgaria  
Best Actress: Angela Lanza / "Cold Dark Hollow"/ USA
Best Actor: Wilmer Amando Suàrez / "The Errand Boy" / Colombia

Grand Prize Feature Film: "Shibil" / Directed by Nikola Bozadzhiev / Bulgaria 
Grand Prize Short Film: "RESEMBLANCE" / Directed by Kevin J. O'Neill / USA
Grand Prize Animation: "RenaiDance" / Directed by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang / USA 

Grand Prize Documentary: "Boundless Life" / Directed by Stefan Rainer / Autriche 
Grand Prize Experimental Film: "Spirits we dance" / Directed by Natalija Gormalova / Ghana

Grand Prize Music Video: "Gateway" /  Namewee Studio Production / Taiwan 

Grand Prize Feature Film: "The end of the heroes" / Directed by Claude Saussereau 

Grand Prize Short Film: "A girl and a gun" / Directed by Pierre Edouard Joubert 

Grand Prize Animation: "The butterfly cage" / Directed by Héléna Serra, Maxime Sabisik 

Grand Prize Documentary: "A contre courant"/ Directed by Maёl Charpentier 

Grand Prize Experimental Film: "Ö" / Directed by Chloé Depeyrat
Audience Prize Documentary: "Face au vide" / Directed by Marc Brulard 

Audience Prize Short Film: "Sarah" / directed by Sandrine Pouradier, Philippe Garcin

Silk Road AWARDS (Silk Road's Countries)
Grand Prize Short Film: "The other" /  Directed by Ako Zandkarimi, Saman Hosseinpour / Iran 

Grand Prize Animation: "Lea’s secret" / Directed by Rico Gutierrez / Philippines
Grand Prize Documentary: "B.L.I.N.D." / Directed by Sid Katragadda / India
Grand Prize Music Video: "A cat has four legs" / Directed by Alexey Belkin : Russian federation

Special Mention Prize: "Ander" / Directed by Alina Mustafina / Qatar

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