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Interview with Simin Vaswani

Simin Vaswani is the CEO, Founder of Sarina Film Productions, she is a Writer, Producer, Editor, Actress and Dancer. She believes in leading from her heart and intuition. She is deeply committed to her own evolution, her son Karan, her family, and her eternal love, Harish Vaswani.

Short Film Country of production: USA Year: 2022 Runtime : 11’03 Crew and Cast Director: Claire Chubbuck Writer: Simin Vaswani Producers: Simin Vaswani, Harish Vaswani Cinematography: Dominick Sivilli Composer: Wayne Sharpe Choreographer: Preeti Vasudevan Editors: Tara Lynn-Rye, Claire Chubbuck, Simin Vaswani Sound: Harish Vaswani Cast: Simin Vaswani, Harish Vaswani, Clint Hromsco, Sam Garland, Angelica Grace Garson

Synopsis A woman with a traumatic past supported by her husband's deep love, discovers the depth of her resilience and finds her inner strength during a difficult moment. Inspired by real life events, Resilient is a transformational piece of art told through narrative and dance. Cine-Review: Simin, please tell us a little about your film career, how did you get into it? In 2018, I became a full-time mother, ending my very successful IT career as a project lead for Sony Music and other companies including Time Magazine, Aegis Media, and Teach for America. All my life, I have followed my divine guidance and my guidance led me to making films. I am a natural born writer, my favorite pastime growing up was to create stories based on my visual imagination. I see films as visions that play in my mind’s eye and I write them down in a screenplay. I am a self-taught screenwriter. I love making films and telling stories. CR: You work with your husband as producers. We can note in your films a wonderful cinematography, original music. Please tell us about your production company. In March 2021, Harish and I founded Sarina Film Productions, we wanted to create narrative films, emphasizing my love of writing and storytelling through dance, and his love of music. It was our divine calling together as partners. We wanted to create films that reflect and speak to the human experience in all of its emotional complexities. We both bring over 20 years of production management experience in the IT space, along with vast knowledge of music, dance and movies. I grew up surrounded by a family of actors and dancers, and Harish by musicians. Taking the plunge into making films was a natural evolution for both of us. Both Harish and I work very hard to create a high quality of production, we are devoted in manifesting the vision and in channeling creative power of the highest vibration. The cinematography, music, dance choreography and all the work we do with artists is to nurture their artistry and to create powerful films. CR: About the film “Resilient”. The original theme is interpreted through dance. The images are spectacular, the issue of domestic violence through childhood psychological trauma is raised. Why did you choose this story? How does it resonate with your life experience? At its core, Resilient is a film about the power of love to heal past trauma, and change one's relationship to their past. It is my personal story based on my own journey of processing trauma and finding strength than victimization. Transforming my diagnosis of complex PTSD into art has been part of choosing life over pain, and I hope to inspire others to do the same by sharing this story. The title Resilient is a reminder to others that they, too, can choose light over dark, life over pain, and joy over despair. In my personal evolution, dance and film have played a powerful role in transmuting the energy of trauma and releasing the old fears that are deeply rooted in my body thus allowing me to live into my dreams and shine. CR: The originality of telling a story through dance grabs your attention as a producer. Also you play in films in the lead role. You are dancing. What role does dance play in your life? A story when written with dance, can create a deeper narrative, traditionally where one would insert dialogue, I choose to let the body's rhythms tell the story, this keeps the story open to audience interpretation, so they can then attach a personal narrative, which could become a segue to healing. It is important for me to keep the choreography simple, by keeping dance simple, the story can be told in a more profound way because then the audience can relate, stay engaged and be present. I have been dancing all my life, my training began in the Indian Classical dance style of Bharatnatyam at the age of 5, progressing to Bollywood. I have studied ballet for more than 12 years and in 2014 I began training in the American Rhythm and American Smooth style of Ballroom. I am also a student of the Classical Realism School of Art in the lineage of Jacob Collins. I am a certified Core Energetics Practitioner, an evolutionary mind body psychotherapy practice that moves energy and emotions. I hold a Master’s Degree in computer management and have worked in IT for 20 years. All of the above studies have come together to help me make films to tell stories through narrative and dance. CR: What project are you working on now? I am working on several more screenplays - a romantic dance short film called Mon Amour - Her Dream, a love story with a lens of how art can spark passion and romance in a relationship. A feature film called Almost Everything about a couple's struggle around sexuality and intimacy and another short film called Mona, which is a story about loss. I want to offer my deep gratitude to Silk Road Film Awards and Cannes 7th Art Awards for recognizing our work and artistry. We have come a long way with your support. CR: Thank you for the interview. We once again congratulate you and your Resilient film team on the International Best Cinematography award at the "Cannes 7th Art Award festival" and a special prize - the screening of the film Resilient at the Cannes Film Market. We wish you a successful festival road and an amazing film career!



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