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"Celebrating Indie Film: Highlights from the Cannes 7th Art Awards, May 23, 2023"

This spring marked an important milestone for the Cannes 7th Art Awards (C7AA)film festival, as it exhibited for the first time at the world's largest Film Market - Marché du Film de Festival de Cannes, at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès .


The fourth edition of the C7AA festival lasted from April 3 to April 9, 2023 in a new format for the festival, namely On Demand on Vimeo. The festival featured from around the world 38 independent film nominees in the categories of Fiction Film, Animated Film, Documentary Film, Experimental Film and Music Video in Feature and Short formats.

Teaser of the nominated films of the C7AA festival 2023

“We were very excited to host this On Demand festival, that allows us and filmmakers to reach an even wider audience as not everyone can get to see all the films in person. Every evening I looked at the statistics of the regions of spectators. I didn’t even imagine that people from more than 60 countries are interested in our festival. This inspired me and I liked this experience. Most likely I will transfer my festival to this format in the next years.

We screened the selected winning short films of this edition at the Cannes Film Festival Film Market on May 23. It was an unexpected surprise for the filmmakers as they plunged in and enjoyed their first screening experience at the Palais des Festivals et Congrès during the 76th Cannes Film Festival. For me personally, this is another successful experience in supporting talented independent filmmakers. I myself, as an independent director and producer, need to promote my films and new projects, so I know very well how important it is for us to have screenings on the world’s big screens. There is nothing like the theatrical experience for films. It’s the way filmmakers imagine success and promotion of your film,” said festival founder, jury member Anara Musrepova.

Elisa Messi, "Forever Bound" co-producer

Festival organizers will begin accepting submissions for films and screenplays for the C7AA 5th edition from December 1, 2023 until March 15, 2024. To learn more or submit a film or screenplay for consideration, please visit:

About the Cannes 7th Art Awards.

The idea of holding the festival came to Anara Musrepova when she was returning from the USA after studying film markets and participating in international festivals in 2019. In December 2019, she created the Silk Road Production Association, the main activity of which was the organization of

the Cannes International Independent Film Festival of the same name. Anara Musrepova signed a contract with the Department of Culture of the City Hall of Cannes, which approved her startup and provided the Espace Miramar in the fall of 2020.

Przemysław Kulikowski, short film "Queen" director

The date of the festival was a happy coincidence during the deconfinement during Covid.

The festival was inaugurated by Ms. Laurence Peirano, Municipal Councilor of the city of Cannes in the service of culture.

Opening of the 2020 festival was October 18, 2020 at Espace Miramar, Cannes. Thus, the first film festival was dedicated to the artistry and spirit of the independent film industry.

Ms. Laurence Peirano  


From 2022, the festival has been renamed the Cannes 7th Art Awards. In the fall of 2023, the Silk Road Production Association was dissolved, and the festival is now managed by Anara Musrepova’s independent enterprise.

To learn more, please visit

Simin Vaswani, Harish Vaswani, "Resilient" producers

Screening of short films, winners of the 4th edition of the Cannes 7th Art Awards.

05/23/2023, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes

On 23 May at 1:45 p.m. at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, seven short films, the winners of the 4th edition of the C7AA, were screened:

Sebastien Duattis, "Any Old Sunday" director & Carla Traina, production director

National Grand Prize Short Film

And old Sunday (France), directed by Sebastien Duattis

International Prize Short Film Best Cinematography: Dominick Sivilli

Resilient (USA), directed by Claire Chubbuck

International Prize Short Film Best Director: Przemysław Kulikowski

Queen (Poland), directed by Przemysław Kulikowski

Simon C. Vaillancourt, "Phoenix | Al Kimia"director & Shraddha Danielle Blaney, actress, dancer

National Grand Prize Experimental Film

DEAD DREAMS FALLING (France), directed by Craig Murray

Silk Road Grand Prize Experimental Film

Forever Bound (Italy), directed by Rob Bell

International Grand Prize Music Video & Audience Prize

Phoenix | Al Kimia (Canada), directed by Simon C. Vaillancourt

National Grand Prize Music Video

Void Loop (France), directed by Prïncia Car, Matthieu Ponchel

Amine Boucekkine, "DEAD DREAMS FALLING" writer, composer, producer

This screening was part of the program of the Cannes 7th Art Awards booth at the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes.

The directors and members of the film teams were present at the screening and expressed their gratitude to the Cannes 7th Art Awards for the honor of being shown during the Cannes Film Festival at the Palais des Festivals.



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